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Middle Tennessee's premier canoe & kayak outfitter serving Clarksville, Pleasant View, Ashland City, Adams, Fort Campbell, Nashville, and Southern Kentucky. We provide: kayak and canoe trips, overnight trips, group camping trips, guided nature and fishing trips.  We set-up custom adventures and can accommodate groups with as many as 65 people, young or old, regardless of experience level.  We provide trips on the Red River, Sycamore Creek, West Fork Creek, and the Cumberland River.

The Coosa


The Coosa

The Coosa was designed to answer the continually evolving needs of the kayak fisherman. Made to cater to the river angler; it's set up with rod staging areas, easily reachable gear storage zones, and molded-in accessory mounts. The patent-pending Hi-Lo Elite seating premiered on the Coosa allows stable standing that ensures you have the advantage over all river species. Jackson's best ‘moving water’ fishing kayak is small enough to get into tight places, but stable enough for standing. Ideal for rivers, creeks, small lakes and ponds, and it includes lockable hatches for loads of gear.

Our best ‘moving water’ fishing kayak

  • Small enough to get into tight places, but stable enough for standing
  • Ideal for rivers, creeks, small lakes and ponds
  • Lockable hatches for loads of gear


Click Here to check it out in more detail at the Jackson Kayak site.


Length:  11'2"
Width:  32"
Height:  17"
Weight:  70 lbs
Capacity:  375 lbs
Day Hatch:  5.5" Diameter
Front Hatch:  8" x 11" x 15.5"
Rear Hatch:  8.5" x 5" x 8.5"
High Lo Seating
Bow and Stern Deck Riggings
Adjustable Foot Peg with Molded Heel